Finding Your Best Colors for Photography Shoots in Brisbane

Finding Your Best Colors for Photography Shoots in Brisbane

Whether you’re preparing for a family, couple’s or high school senior photo shoot session with Mementoz Photography in Brisbane, the colors you wear make a big difference in how you all look on camera. Follow this handy color guide to find your most flattering hues. 

Family Photoshoots 

For family photos, aim for cohesive color schemes in the same tonal family that complement all complexions and hair colors. Earth tones like cream, tan, light brown, and slate blue work well. Primary colors like red, blue, and yellow can also make vibrant statements. 

Couples Shoots

As a couple, you have more freedom to be bold with brighter complementary colors that play up your individual and combined vibrance. Reds, corals, and pinks bring warmth against cool tones of blue and green. Neutrals like black and gray beautifully fade away behind the focus.  

High School Seniors 

Fun, youthful colors that align with your personality are perfect senior shoot looks. Greens, purples, oranges, and pinks allow you to showcase your bright spirit. Classic black and denim blue also exude confidence and style. Most of all, feature colors you genuinely love! 

Pro Makeup Tips 

Boost radiance with coral blushes and pops of copper shadow. Define eyes gently using earthy browns and taupes. Give lips and cheeks creamy warmth with rose golds and peach glosses. Don’t forget to highlight facial structure with neutral matte bronzers and highlighters. 

Hair Styling Tricks 

Have hair reflect or contrast skin tone for dimension. Warm shades like chestnut, honey and gold blonde flatter warmer complexions. Cooler hues like platinum, ash and violet complement cooler pink skin undertones. Talk to our stylists about temporary color sprays too!   

The photography experts at Mementoz can also provide guidance on ideal shades and palettes to bring out your best looks. Reach out with any questions before your shoot date so you can shine confidently in colors tailored to you! 

Finding Your Best Colors for Photography Shoots in Brisbane