Hi there, I’m Kapil, a mad keen photographer, adventurer, husband and expert wrangler of my two mischievous kids. It might sound cliche’, but my wife Gira really is my best friend. Which is lucky because she’s also my studio assistant, chief problem solver and the muse for my art. I’m often asked why I started MementOz Photography, because I haven’t always been a photographer.

In fact, I used to work full time in IT. Possibly the least creative job ever. But I’ve always been fascinated with photography. The whole idea of having the power to freeze a moment in time with just the click of a button, well, I thought it was incredible. Almost like a superpower and I was determined to learn as much as I could about the art of photography.

I grew up in India, in the days of film cameras but owning a camera was considered a bit of a luxury. We had one humble point and shoot film camera for our entire family. And I have a BIG family.

But my fascination with photography meant I was always allocated the role of unofficial family photographer at every family gathering. It was left up to me to document the family memories, the birthdays, the parties, the anniversaries or just photograph the family the few times a year we’d manage to get together.

So I guess my photography training started then. I became a quiet observer, noticing the small details, the kids laughing, a cheeky glance, a loving moment between parents. I photographed them all.

Family photographs are like clues to a mystery, connecting the dots of your lineage, and discovering who came before you. Some of the photos I took decades ago, in another country, from another time, are my family’s most treasured memories.

And it’s what drives me today. To use my photography skills to create lifelong memories for other families is both a privilege and a gift.

So, 10 years ago I built a studio in my home, launched MementOz Photography and quit my full time job in IT.

And it’s the best decision I made.

Because, as the saying goes:

Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.

Yes, I’m a photographer. Yes, I have a career. Does it feel like work at MementOz Photography? Not at all.

I hope to meet you in the studio soon.

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Interesting Facts About Me

  • I love yoga 
  • I’m a pretty good badminton player. Not quite Olympic material but I swing a racquet alright
  • I’m a self-taught Indian drum player. The neighbours are yet to complain so I can’t be too bad
  • Languages. I speak three of them. When I emigrated to New Zealand I barely spoke English
  • My dream is to be the best visual storyteller and immortalise people with my photographic superpowers.
Meet Kapil Mehta - Professional Photographer based in Brisbane