Formal Photography Brisbane

“Every milestone reached is one step closer to reaching your dreams”

When your child finishes high school, it’s such a bittersweet moment. Your child has completed their schooling, so it’s the end of an era. It’s the end of hanging out with school friends, of homework and studying, the end of school sports carnivals and parties. But it’s also the beginning of a grand adventure as they set out into the world of university, travel, working and self-discovery. So it’s natural to have mixed emotions as your child prepares for their end of year high school formal. And amongst the chaos of shopping for the perfect formal outfit, hair stylists, makeup artists, transport and organising excited family members, it’s important to document this milestone with formal photography. 

Whether you’re a proud student or a parent cherishing this moment, we are thrilled to introduce Formal Photography Brisbane by MementOz Photography. Within our Brisbane studio, we specialize in customizing formal photography experiences that ensure not a single precious memory escapes preservation. This journey deserves to be cherished, and our expertise guarantees that every moment of this significant event remains etched in time.

Why Formal Photography?

The lead up to your child’s formal is exciting and often, chaotic. There is so much to organise that in all the excitement, we often forget to pause and celebrate this momentous milestone in life. And not just for our kids, but for us parents too.

After all, we’ve navigated our children through the challenges of teenage years, the dramas of high school, the ups and downs of relationships, and the burden of schoolwork. And here we stand, having triumphed over it all. Thus, we rightfully deserve to partake in the celebration. This is precisely why numerous families opt to visit our Brisbane studio for their cherished Formal Photography Brisbane experience

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About Your Formal Photography Studio Session

All formal photography sessions are held in our custom built, air conditioned photography studio. So there’ll be no melting in the Queensland heat and no panic of getting rained on and ruining hair and makeup. You can have a beautiful and relaxed photography session in our home studio in Heathwood, 30km southwest of Brisbane.

We offer a variety of custom backdrops for your formal session which means there’s no boring and generic backdrop for your child’s formal photos. Each session is designed specifically to suit your family.

A formal photography session in our Brisbane studio costs $99 and includes:

All formal photography sessions are a fun and relaxed experience and designed to capture this special moment in your child’s life.

After Your Formal Photography Session

Two weeks after your session you’ll return to the studio for the big gallery reveal. This is where you’ll view your gallery of formal photos, choose your favourites and select the perfect products to display your child’s formal photos.

Because we pride ourselves on delivering premium products to our clients, we have sourced the finest professionally crafted photographic products in Australia.

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If you’re ready to book your child’s formal photography and I sound like the photographer for you, please get in touch here. All formal sessions are by appointment only and sessions book out quickly! So secure your Brisbane formal photography session today.

Kapil Mehta, from MementOz Photography Expert in School Formals Photography
Kapil Mehta, from MementOz Photography skilled in taking Formal Photography for all the students who are graduated from schools