Brisbane family photography
Brisbane family photography
Brisbane family photography
Brisbane family photography
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Greetings and a warm welcome! I’m Kapil—a passionate professional photographer in Brisbane, devoted husband, and proud father to two playful kids. With a deep appreciation for the art of professional photography and professional photography portraits, I’m here to capture the moments that truly matter to you.

Growing up in India, cameras were a luxury item, so our few family photographs became treasured keepsakes.

From an early age, I recognised the profound impact of a photograph. A single image possesses the remarkable ability to stir intense emotions, transport us back in time, and rekindle long-forgotten memories—all in a mere glance. This notion continues to drive and inspire me in my role as a seasoned Brisbane family and portrait photographer, specialising in professional photography.

Indeed, curating moments and preserving memories for others is a priceless gift. It’s a gift I’m dedicated to sharing with you.

As we connect, rest assured that your journey towards capturing these cherished moments is guided by a skilled professional. Whether it’s through the lens of professional photography or in the exquisite realm of portrait sessions, I’m committed to transforming your story into a timeless masterpiece.

I eagerly look forward to the opportunity to meet you and embark on this creative journey together!

I look forward to meeting you soon!


Kapil Mehta


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What We do

Beautiful family portraits & keepsakes

Our cosy Brisbane home studio is in Heathwood, 23 kilometres south west of Brisbane. We offer a range
of professional photographic services in our studio, outdoors or on location. Our photography services include family
photography, school formal photography, glamour photography sessions, corporate photography and professional business headshots photography.

If you’re looking for a friendly, professional and passionate photographer to capture beautiful portraits of your family, precious keepsakes of your loved ones or professional photographs to enhance your career, we’re here to help.


Because a photograph isn’t a photograph until it’s printed and you can hold it in your hands. Photographs tell your story, your history and document your journey as a family. We provide a stunning range or artwork so your treasured keepsakes can transform your house into a home filled with memories.


Professional, relaxed & enjoyable

Whatever style of photography session you need, we guarantee it will be a professional, relaxed, and enjoyable experience. Here at MementOz Photography we pride ourselves on our professional and friendly service from the first phone call through to the final delivery of your product.



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